Autumn 2012

Pics from the leader retreat to Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

Hiking out

Setting up camp

New leaders Erica, Isabelle, Brendan, and Camila psyched to be outside.

Spring 2012

In Spring Quarter 2012, we ran three 3-day/2-night backpacking trips to Big Basin State Park and Henry Coe State Park. Group sizes were less than 15 and sweet times were had. More details and pictures to come.

Winter 2012

In Winter Quarter 2012, we ran 3 trips to Natural Bridges State Bridge in Santa Cruz and 1 joint trip to the Stanford Climbing Wall and Stanford's own Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. Each trip took a different grade level of students from East Palo Alto Academy and all were a blast! Pictures are below.

Students hiking into the beach.


Sweeeeeeeeet... tide pools....

EPAA Juniors climbing 'til there arms fall off with awesome SOOP leaders belaying

Hiking and learning the ecology of our very own Jasper Ridge Bio Preserve