SOOP leaders

OEP instructor Mike Frank talks about adjusting pack fit during backpacking skills training, Big Basin, January 10-11 2004.

SOOP leaders are Stanford undergraduate or graduate students who are certified in the following areas:

How to become a SOOP leader

We have application rounds for leaders at the beginning of each season, though welcome anyone who's psyched to teach kids about the outdoors year-round. If you think you'd make a good SOOP leader, please use the Contact page to get in touch with us.

Forms and Documents for SOOP Leaders

Daisy's Trip Planning Guide: trip-planning.doc

Gear Inventory: gearinventory.doc

Medical Form for Stanford Trip Leaders: stanmedform.doc

To Be Insured under Enterprise: rentalnames.html (WebAuth limited to those whose info is in this file. Um, this is my first experiement with WebAuth. I followed all the directions but if it doesn't work, email me. Conversely, if it doesn't work and you can fix it, I will have ten thousand of your babies if you could please email me what's wrong.)

Forms and Documents concerning EPACHS

Medical Form for EPA Students and Teachers, English: epamedform-en.doc
Medical Form for EPA Students and Teachers, Spanish: epamedform-sp.doc

SOOP Waiver, English: waiver- en.doc
SOOP Waiver, Spanish: waiver- sp.doc

To Drive EPA Vehicles: driveform.pdf. Fill this out and fax it to Xochitl Kuriger (she's the EPA coordinator for this sort of thing) at 650 | 321.6628. Faxing at the Pulse is $1 per page, or try anywhere else you know of.

Gear List for EPA Students: student-gearlist.doc