History of SOOP

Spring 2012

Two individual backpacking trips went out, one to Henry Coe State Park and one to Big Basin State Park with fantastic groups of students from a mixture of grade-levels and some equally fantastic teachers!

Winter 2012

Four day trips to Natural Bridges State Park, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, and/or the Stanford Climbing wall brought almost all the students attending East Palo Alto Academy High School on hugely popular day trips.

Spring 2011

Still going strong!

Spring 2010

Over 10 Stanford Student SOOP Leaders bring 25+ excited East Palo Alto Academy High School students and Teachers on hugely popular day hikes to Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Tidepooling and Elephant Seals are the highlights of the day, along with beach volleyball after the hike in.

Spring 2009

Still going strong!

Spring 2008

Still going strong!

Spring 2007

Still going strong!

Spring 2006

Still going strong!

Spring 2005

Still going strong!

Spring 2004

SOOP recruited and trained a corps of over 20 leaders who were psyched to begin meeting kids and leading them into the outdoors!
Officers: Daisy Pistey-Lyhne, Michelle Lee

Fall 2003

We began a partnership with East Palo Alto Charter High School (now East Palo Alto Academy High School).

Fall 2002

We continued to lead trips for Gateway students. Since their outdoors program was firmly established under the leadership of a great coordinator, SOOP decided to look for a more local opportunity where we could provide a completely new program.

Spring 2002

We led four trips in conjunction with the outdoor club at Gateway High School in San Francisco. This club was spearheaded and advised by Kevin Krasnow, who had already created several outdoor programs and classes for Gateway's students.


SOOP was founded by Josh Herlands, Jill Redhage, Twila [Paterson] Moon, et al.